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Optiyacht consults with your Naval Architect regarding equipment selection, installation and construction of structural elements. We can project manage the entire installation on your behalf, fostering communication and collaboration between all stakeholders to ensure a well thought out and successful project.


We understand the importance of installing a system that is quiet in operation – a system high in noise levels is totally unacceptable. That is why we employ only the best custom designed resilient mounts for applicable components.


We undertake:

  • Installation of equipment including associated metal work

  • Supply and installation of DC electrical cables, termination of wiring and commissioning of systems

  • Hydraulics - supply and installation of hard tubing, hoses and associated custom-made resilient mountings to ensure quiet operation

  • Commissioning / sea trialling of system

  • Training of vessel’s crew in operation and maintenance of system

  • Ongoing training of new crew members

  • Lifetime telephone support.

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